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Lullaby Moon
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Yesterday was the lullaby moon finale. I was somewhat late for it, but it ended as you might expect with the return of the egg and the dreamlanders sailing off into the sunset with the couple.

It's been an interesting several months of performances. I'm very grateful to Lucia Neare and her company of players for setting up this incredible play for us, and I also learned a lot from how the plotting engaged our civic places.

It's a wonderful thing, dreaming. It's great when someone gets to share a dream or a fairy tale with a city on such an epic scale. It's been a wonderful 12 months of storytelling and art.

I think the performance style really touched me, the way that the meaning was only slowly unveiled enabled us to interact with the characters in our own way and build meaning. I still remember the cat that winked at me in Seward park when she went by on her bicycle and the happy rabbit and Lucia smiling that stand out in the performances. It's memories like this that make spaces sacred and lose their everyday trappings and take on personal meaning.

Happy new moon.

Date: 2009-10-20 12:11 am (UTC)
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We had to leave a little early but I did love what I finally had the opportunity to see. The fact that they drew Daisy out to dance with them and she had a really cute dialogue with the clock faced man...I hope they're memories that will stay with her. :-)

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