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Cube Trial
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This has been a fun couple of days. Started off going to the Capitol Hill Artwalk, it was a huge amount of fun aside from the torrential downpour. Somehow I managed to miss [ profile] sculptruth and Bowentron, whom I assume are at every artwalk.

Friday I went over to help [ profile] rimrunner with her new tattoo and went to the re-opened ROSTICERIA, which is the best mexican restaurant in the history of space-time. I also actually sat down and watched two episodes of deadwood, conveniently there was whiskey and swearing.

Saturday I worked for part of the day and then went out to the NW Ranger silkscreening party at CC Sallie's place. Thereby, I avoided hempfest. I very much agree with Dominic Holden's assessment of hempfest, which is that the hippie crap takes away from the useful mission of hempfest. I am indifferent to other people's pot use, aside from the general thought that the last thing that most people need is something to make them act stupider, but industrial hemp is important.

Yesterday was largely dominated by cube building, although I read about 600 pages of various books as I was familiarizing myself with various legal issues before a new project that theoretically started today.

Today was supposed to be a busy work day, but turned out not to be. I think the only thing I'm going to accomplish today is going to a social get together and buying a friend a birthday present.
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