Jan. 4th, 2009

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The sign for the street outside my apartment now reads "0 HOURS SINCE LAST ACCIDENT" again. I love my sign, even if it's at my window and therefore largely notational.

This current drop of wet snow appears to be particularly treacherous to unprepared vehicles.

I'm currently at online coffee because my home has no internet.
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Tasty Bites, normally known for Indian Food, apparently also makes Mexican Food. They make this, for reference, in a factory in India. I'm having a variety of WTF moments about this, largely because tasty bites is what I bring out to BM every year and the idea of Mexican Food made in India is a little strange.

Anyway, just sharing that OMGWTF moment with you. I feel sort of weird about the rate at which I consume tasty bites, as it's all food that can be made fairly cheaply at home, but the convenience is, well, convenient. I've been on a real home-cooked food binge for the last month or two. Actually untrue -- I've been on a sweet potato cooking binge since a couple of days before xmas. I like the sweet potatoes a lot, it must be noted. I like the texture more than actual potatoes.

My dietary habits are currently strange because although I make an attempt to eat more or less locally according to that whole 100-mile thing, a lot of the more traditional alternatives to sitting at home and cooking aren't really useful. A lot of the frozen food that I eat is from Amy's, but in the winter I largely eat soup or casseroles at home. I've found recently that I end up having a lot of pho, because it's the best cheap food option. I also tend to go to better restaurants these days in the event i go out, largely in hopes of getting places that take pride in food prep.

I feel weirdly isolated from a lot of my vegetarian friends because I can't really go to restaurants that specialize in fake meat at all. This came up recently because I had to turn down an invitation to go to the Teapot House (NYCers: Think Vegetarian Paradise II) because places that actually cook with masses of gluten flour are off-limits.

Now gone about a month without daily energy drinks. Not really missing them.

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