Mar. 4th, 2009

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last night, i went off on a 10 minute explanation of salt production in the classical world because someone (apparently after reading boing boing) was complaining about the whole 'salt has lost its savor' quote from the bible not making sense. srsly.

The person i was talking to said later that they had no interest in the history of salt but that amount of information i could pull to mind and organize on this topic was scary and amazing.
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I'm still accepting questions, but here goes with some (but not all) answers:

1. Where do you work? I read your work posts, and that's the one piece of information I need to fully appreciate them. ;-)

I am an independent consultant, mostly, and work from either my apartment, the online coffee at 14th and pine, in a condo in Fremont, or at Office Nomads. I am always looking for more work and/or fun places to work from. I'm also looking for actual full time employment these years, but it's easier to keep short gigs coming in in some ways.

2. are you dating anyone?

I'm not dating the person who you're trying to find out whether I'm dating or not. Generally, privacy means I don't talk about relationships on the net, but you may be able to find subtle contextual clues on other sites.

3. What is the airspeed velocity of a unladen swallow?


4. Why do you use that weird looking secret servicish radio accessory?

I have poorish hearing in one ear, and find that's the best device for using that ear for the radio and the other for talking to people. I use that headset year round for radio stuff and would use it for the phone if i could in part of my ongoing quest to avoid being a bluetardh. it doesn't fit properly in my other ear so i always have it on the same side despite.

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