Apr. 13th, 2009

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honk fest west
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I went to honk fest west on Friday night and Sunday afternoon and it was a great time. I love the style of music that a lot of the bands play (which ranged from klezmer to marching to balkan brass to drumcore to the ramones arranged for marching band to a lot of other things.)

I've long thought that this sort of thing (and 'dark cabaret' such as Amanda Palmer plays) would be the natural progression of a lot of performance in the collapse of the studio system. This is a shot from the get-together on Sunday which seemed to be mostly bands-only. I was theoretically volunteering Sunday, but this seemed to mostly consist of listening to the music, rangering homeless people, and occasionally trying to calm down another volunteer who was basically just nucking futs.

I got to see march fourth, the stanford band, orkestrar z, sporkestrar, and a large number of other bands. It was a great time, and I'm probably going to help out again next year if I'm around. friends who've known me a long time can spot a bonus interlocutor in the crowd.

Anyway, I'm deeply happy that I went, and also deeply happy that the huge shelter is still present at the park and not blocked off or full of needles etc. My music listening has switched a lot over time, and I enjoy the street music more and more.

Also, I got to see what a drum circle is like when it is a few dozen actual trained drummers with non hippy-ass-drums and that was also way worth it. The fremont folks seemed to be out in force for it.
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When I was visiting CC's cabin last week, I made this loin recipe. It's about a 3 pound loin, just 1.5 pounds of meat per person! I left half of the leftovers up at her place, and still had way too much pork to eat last week.

The recipe is:
- 5 husked tomatillos, macerated.
- 2 tablespoons brown mustard
- 1 teaspoon five spice
- 1 (or more) serrano pepper(s), chopped (i lost the serrano on the way up, used tabasco for this one.)
- salt and pepper to taste.

basically, make that in a bowl, slather it over the loin, cook the loin at 325 for as long as it needs to be cooked. This also works as a marinade, but I typically just use it as a coating. The tin foil is because we were using someone else's pot. This goes well on a low-heat grill.

Still haven't figured out how I lost the serrano. The tabasco made the whole thing smell very acetic pre-cooking, but it still tasted as expected. I probably should have used more hot though.
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This is the old cascade highway, shortly before it started getting seriously narrow -- after this, there were stretches where i couldn't open my car doors. That's a one lane road, and you can see the GPS propped against my window in the bottom right of the frame. At this point, the road is roughly the width of my truck.

The OCH runs parallel to or is replaced by route 2 for a lot of it's route. This is a stretch just past Skykomish that was plowed for no reason I could tell, and went several miles back into the hill getting progressively narrower/higher with no place to turn around.

I saw lots of beautiful waterfalls and snow formations. I can't figure out why the road was plowed, though, eventually it just dead-ended in a circle with 10' high walls. It was relatively near a geocache that was up in a tree that I couldn't get to because of lack of snowshoes (in the areas I could traverse without snowshoes, there were several feed of snow, more than the surrounding/lower areas.) I got out and walked around a bit up at the top to listen to the water pouring off the mountains into the valleys.

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