Apr. 30th, 2009

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Yesterday, I went out to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] rimrunner to talk about my idea for interactive fiction more or less based on the engine for the iphone app. Predictably, we didn't actually spend a huge time talking about it, but she mostly validated my thinking that de-linearizing the narrative will be interesting for consumers. We went to get food here:


This is a great restaurant in White Center that serves roasted chicken and some more conventional mexican dishes. I highly recommend it, and I have really enjoyed eating there each time that I have.

Today I did some laundry and planned some plans and then I went over to Loretta's in South Park to talk with Emily, largely about Caleb's passing. The burners who had wakes for Caleb didn't do a good job of contacting his non-burner friends up here about wakes and suchlike -- and bizarrely, the Toiling Midgets were playing at NIMBY the night of one of the bay area things.

So, there's probably going to be a wake in Seattle that all will be invited to. More later about this, possibly at the blue moon because where else would it be? I promise not to shoot out the sign.

A couple of people are helping out with wrapping up some of Caleb's art and media projects up here. I'm somewhat helping all the people get communication in a line, and it's been interesting seeing all the different facets come into place. More on this later, but we may soon be reviving a seattle landmark and putting it somewhere public for the first time in 8 years.

Hopefully, this will go better than the time when we scratched a gouge in the marble floor of the lobby of the seattle art museum with a human powered gear system (see 'In The SAM Lobby.')
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The remainder of yesterday was slow because I got gluten in my food at Loretta's. I'm currently still feeling sort of crappy, but am more or less getting on with my day and I should be right-as-rain by the evening. Anyone want to go to the Tulip Festival tomorrow (or i guess sunday)? They extended it another week due to a late bloom

I assume someone English wrote this
"Do Not Light A Torch Until Fire Alarms Have Been Taken Offline"
This is unsound advice

I went to ignite seattle yesterday but i was feeling logy due to the glutening and a lot of the talks weren't particularly interesting (because I read too much, pretty much, although [livejournal.com profile] dawnoftheread had a schweet presentation about getting the most out of the library.) It was a lot of fun, and I discovered that my new ORCA card may have been broken by my attempts to read the information off of it.

(a to subject: generally unless the quiche has a mashed potato crust eating quiche is ill-advised.)

The hood canal bridge is closing today for repair/replacement, which I feel bittersweet about. I've had so many fun times after I crossed that bridge that it has that sort of 'here be dragons' feel to it, and I fear the next bridge won't have that air because it will be constructed more normally and therefore will serve as a means of crossing a body of water rather than as a marker of oncoming adventure (with occasional sides of hypothermia and sliding down hills into trees.)

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