Jun. 30th, 2009

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On my way back from Portland this Sunday, I took the forest service road route rather than the interstate back. It took a couple of extra hours but didn't add too much distance to the journey. I was inspired in this by a road that I'd wanted to take last fall but didn't get to because it was closed due to snow and a washout. This is a photograph of Mt. St. Helens from the road.

Even though its summer, there's still snow lingering on the sides of some of these roads. I didn't photograph the snow although I probably should have. I was at a relative high point here, probably near a geographical feature called windy ridge. Disturbingly, there are condo developments in this area right on the border of the park. I'm assuming that they're vacation rentals, as it would be a long commute to basically anywhere from here.

I had a lot of fun at SOAK, but ti was a fairly stressful time, so I figured I'd take the slow, fun route home and take the road that I'd been wanting to for a while.
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Celiaq.com is slowly lurching to life; the project was about 75% bigger than I thought it would be, and we're just wrapping up the final changes to source this week. The second week of July is the current targeted launch date. This post mentions this, and also is a test of the integration with livejournal.

Things are still blowing up in a somewhat location-dependent way, but the bug list is steadily decreasing now. I'm fairly confident that the remaining issues are well-characterized.

Celiaq -- The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide -- Gluten Free Book Info

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