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The hoarders-inspired craiglist yardsale has already had a take of a couple of hundred dollars. Apparently, I have a lot of shit in the house. Two things I thought I might check if people here wanted:

Battlestar Galactica Toaster: It has the logo on it, it brands pictures of cylons onto toast. $50 OBO, apparently this is now a collector's item, but the opportunity cost of dealing with ebay is high and i'd just as soon have someone making toast with it.

1-pood (16kg / 36 lb) kettlebell. $50. from Apollo. generally these run about $15-20 higher than that once you factor in delivery (the local price is $1.75/pound at most vendors), and it's a good kettlebell. the grip is the wrong size for my hand so i use a different one now[1]. Comes with PDF of popular kettlebell book. Seriously, kettlebells are awesome, just ask Pirate.

Also, if anyone knows a good way to get rid of MechWarrior Hero Clixs, or just wants a bunch, that would be awesome.

Anyway, I might post a dump of links tomorrow, but these are two things that people might be interested in.

[1] i have big hands.
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