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(Photo by Jeanine A.)

Went out and played Seattle Urban Golf on Team Fall Classic with some friends and new friends yesterday. Seattle Urban Golf is a 9 hole, 9 bar course, although I think most of us were on the drink at every other bar plan.

We were team 'Talent Portion,' it was a very, very good time and extremely hilarious. I ended up on a team with one person I knew and four friends of hers, and we picked up another few people and went off. I had a sand wedge, which was a hilariously inappropriate club to be playing with, because any shot I made went flying up in the air and then landed with backspin. It was just as good as any other club, though, considering the course.

The barring parts were also fun, met a bunch of cool people and renewed acquaintance with some people that I hadn't seen in a while. All in all, it was a holy hell amount of fun. Jeanine's a great photographer, follow her links for more entertaining images. Urban Golf is part of a generic class of entertainment like the rubber duck regattas, the zombiewalks, and other things that make for a lot of fun and are great for getting out and socializing.

After that fun, I ended up flying my plane briefly to test it out, and then had a wacky adventure with my hand that led to me getting to [ profile] schwarze_krahe's birthday party several hours later than planned. Eventually, spurred on by a long day, a coffee mug of Jameson, and some painkillers, I crashed much earlier than I'd planned to.

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