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Tasty Bites, normally known for Indian Food, apparently also makes Mexican Food. They make this, for reference, in a factory in India. I'm having a variety of WTF moments about this, largely because tasty bites is what I bring out to BM every year and the idea of Mexican Food made in India is a little strange.

Anyway, just sharing that OMGWTF moment with you. I feel sort of weird about the rate at which I consume tasty bites, as it's all food that can be made fairly cheaply at home, but the convenience is, well, convenient. I've been on a real home-cooked food binge for the last month or two. Actually untrue -- I've been on a sweet potato cooking binge since a couple of days before xmas. I like the sweet potatoes a lot, it must be noted. I like the texture more than actual potatoes.

My dietary habits are currently strange because although I make an attempt to eat more or less locally according to that whole 100-mile thing, a lot of the more traditional alternatives to sitting at home and cooking aren't really useful. A lot of the frozen food that I eat is from Amy's, but in the winter I largely eat soup or casseroles at home. I've found recently that I end up having a lot of pho, because it's the best cheap food option. I also tend to go to better restaurants these days in the event i go out, largely in hopes of getting places that take pride in food prep.

I feel weirdly isolated from a lot of my vegetarian friends because I can't really go to restaurants that specialize in fake meat at all. This came up recently because I had to turn down an invitation to go to the Teapot House (NYCers: Think Vegetarian Paradise II) because places that actually cook with masses of gluten flour are off-limits.

Now gone about a month without daily energy drinks. Not really missing them.

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