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When archaeologists are trying to figure out if a road around the Mediterranean was a roman road, they measure the distance between the ruts. Roman chariots had a specific distance between their axles, and on many of these roads the ruts persist to this day. Similarly, the ruts of pioneer wagons crossing the west had specific sizes (which can be seen to this day in places like the black rock desert) and the roads can be identified as at least becing that old by the pattern.

This is commonly called 'gauge,' and here's a helpful link. How do you gauge an interstate, though, what will its signifiers be when destroyed? The roads, hotels, and rest stops align about how the roman rest stations and chariot maintenance stations align. But what will last? Kansas is flat and the cowshit dust storms of idaho have faded into something a lot more tolerable as we start heading south. Taking a right turn at Witchita isn't as ominous as it seems this week and it's still early in the morning.

I know a lot of people from Norman OK, but I've never stopped there myself, largely on the advice of the people that I know. It's all really flat around here, but living in the pacific northwest seems to reduce the rest of the world to 'mountainous' and 'flatter' in some sort of slow fourier transform to the gently rolling hills prevalent many other places that don't have active volcanoes lingering around like inconvenient reminders of last night's overuse of chile peppers.

You cannot get there from here, because first you have to hit the Texas Welcome Station (that is closed) and the rest stop (which is rebuilt and bathrooms are available in the welcome station's outbuilding.

But let us digress momentarily, if you will, to the state of public restrooms in america. They reach a low point in texas with restroomless 'picnic' areas with secluded areas behind nearby trees covered with scatter/gathered toilet paper and gradually slide upwards from there to the PNW where random locations along minor highways have porta potties paid for by the state/town/local government. The height is at the corners where in the NY barnes and noble is the literate populace's public toilet and sort of follows the highway plan otherwise.

Eisenhower was a man who knew how to regiment a highway, and the blue star system is a moving experience. Somehow texas particularly seems to avoid this, and I'm not sure why/how. It's strange an confusing.

But enough of this shit, we're slowly circling Dallas Forth Worth counter-clockwise on I-35W, one of the non-standard interstate names in the country, and really basically a pain in the ass. Currently this area is home to [ profile] krautboy and [ profile] peglegpete but there isn't time to stop now (and one of those worthy parties has not yet arrived home) because it's time to be just too late to pick up [ profile] taoskye and Apparatus at the airport.

I navigate in to Strobe-land and we all hail the great flashing majesty and eventually go out to get tex mex at some place that has the elvis special. In the interest of speed, I haven't eaten all day and have been generally eating pre-packed food to deal with the issues of celiac and the road, so the elvis plate is moderately had and then we crash good night.
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