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I went to Flipside this year. I'll leave it to other people to chronicle, because I like to have my mysteries be a little mysterious. Every year flipside changes, old couples break up, new couples form, irrelevant drama obstructs some doors, new friendships open others.

Notice the rainbow in the photograph. This was the effigy for the festival which didn't burn but was torn apart by the community. It was really a special time. I learned a lot about myself this year, I had a less reveling time than usual and I also probably broke a rib on some art.

It was overall good. I think that the weird thing about Flipside is it started out as getting brought there, and it's ended up being a part of the community that forms just around the event. I have a lot of friends who I really only see there, and there's a lot of magic for me at flat creek.

Plus, I camped with the super-awesome Spin Camp and learned how to weld bacon to flank steak using nothing but fire. Spin camp was awesome, low drama, and a pleasure to hang out with. Rangers were mostly low drama.

The muscle relaxant I was taking during the event for my rib steered things a lot more mellow than they typically would be. Didn't get to spend enough time talking to people I consider close friends (or becoming so) because they were wrapped up in art or new relationships or conspicuous consumption or whatever, but there's always more good opportunities for that sort of thing.

But yeah, flipside. First you build it, then you join it, then you try to keep it going, then you burn it down. Except this year it got torn down. It's a good time. I recommend it if you're in the area or know people who go.

It seems that I've taken over the traditional out-of-area ranger trip to the Salt Lick. I took a couple of people with me this year and we had a good time, and lots of meat.

I'm largely a vegan these days when left to my own devices, but the quantity and style of meat at flipside is always a joy. In addition to the Salt Lick and the bacon welded to flank steak, there was an assortment of random meats. Standing out was one that was "from the llc to the rangers" and it was the juiciest pork i've ever had.

Bringing meat to texas is always an iffy proposition so I like to bring odd things from around here that people don't get like chai drinks with syrup and lemon and local liquor and stuff like that. Both of these seemed to be well received, or at least guzzled, at camp and on burn night. I left with more chai than i brought thanks to someone who wanted to ensure an uninterrupted chai supply.

Anyway, hot, walked for miles, saw people, had fun, felt enlightened, felt bored, felt loved, felt the sun on the back of my neck, felt like i'd been stung by fire ants, and all those things. It was a good time.

Leaving is bittersweet, but leaving is also part of arriving at the next thing. Went back to the Strobistanian People's Republic and ended up asleep on the couch or the floor or something after harassing the people at B3 camp about their musical taste.

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Good to see you out there!

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