Mar. 16th, 2009

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First off, let me start this by saying that I'm tired of hippies saying "abundance." As a result, I have a mission for you. Every time you hear someone say 'abundance' as sort of a weak way of saying 'i would like free shit for no work,' imagine they said 'albondigas' instead. That means 'meatball' in spanish.

visualize albondigas
i'm looking forward to albondigas
i'm bathing in your radiant albondigas

It's better for everyone this way. They get to have their coded language for free shit, and you get to imagine hippies and meatballs together. Actually, I'm not sure why that's a win for you, but it's funnier than having to listen to someone say 'abundance' repeatedly without any sort of cognitive aid.

It's annoying because it's essentially the New Age version of the sort of Prosperity Theology that most people get really angry/annoyed about when fundamentalist christians do it. So, this mental meatball modification is more a case of treating all belief systems the same rather than privileging one over another.

This upcoming week is somewhat different than the ones preceding and following: the projects I've been working on for the last while are largely wrapped up or on hold for a response from the designer, and I'm exploring new territories and attempting to match up some iPhone ideas with developers. Next week is going to be an unholy horror.

Starting back at the gym in earnest tonight after burn night. I'm actually probably not going to burn night, but it will be after burn night that this takes place. Also, I'm mostly back to eating vegan at home but I am making no attempt to do same when outside of the house due to lack of options.

Things to do:
  • geocaching
  • watch a hockey game in kent
  • plan for travel to bay area
  • write marketing copy for ademeter
  • bike!

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