Apr. 28th, 2009

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A couple of years ago I had an extra television, I put it in the back of my pickup with no free sign to see how long it would take for someone to steal it. It turned out to take well more than a week. It was a nice television and everything, it just wasn't something that I needed. It was clear to me that if I did that in NY or most other cities, that the tv would be gone within instants, but it took a long time in Seattle.

This weekend was fun, friday I went for what ended up to be a long walk around capitol hill in which I imbibed a lot of tea. I found out about the new cheese shop opening up on the hill, and I plan to be thrown out of it repeatedly for making monty python jokes. I also tried to remember what I was supposed to do on Saturday, and I ended up trying to figure that out for a lot of Saturday as well.

Saturday started out with the first steps to install a new floor in my trailer, which is down by Seatac. It needs new flooring pretty badly, and I've given up on the whole carpet idea because it seems like I spend inordinate amounts of time cleaning the carpet. So, I've decided that IKEA's ludicrously cheap bamboo flooring (a buck a square foot) will be the new flooring on the trailer. I also got the new body for my plane from my workdesk in my trailer where I'd built it about a month ago.

Passage flowers

While I was in the Burien area, I went over to the B/IAS site to see about installing a possible new art piece there. I had the various schematics from the main installation, but I wanted to understand what had been done since the main install at the site. That was fun and someone has planted flowers around all the installations. Then I went over to V's monthly open house, which was a bunch of fun, and after that, [livejournal.com profile] firegirl's birthday party (observed) which was stuck somewhere between literary splendor (as she's a well-known local poet) and techat (as she's a pm at msft these days) with an occasional side of restaurant talk and games.

Sunday was the day that I missed everyone I tried to do stuff with, and the gluten free bakery was out of bread.

OSHA hates you

In conclusion, OSHA hates this guy.

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