May. 12th, 2009

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So, last night I went to the premiere of Rusty's show Weaponizers at Central Cinema. It wasn't a premiere in a formal sense, but more of a friends-and-family get together for people who knew Rusty or other HazardFactory folks. It was an epically good time, I can't recommend the Weaponizers show enough.

Rusty is one of four guys on the show who are master builders, pyrotechnicians, stunt drivers, and ex-military sharpshooters. Rusty's the head of Hazard Factory, a local arts collective. (He's also a member of Stronghold and a couple of other local things.) So, it was good to see folks I hadn't in a while, and also the freestyle 'local boy makes good' presentation that they did at the end.

The show itself was awesome, simply epic. I got to watch it twice, once on the discovery channel east coast feed (using Xray November's slingbox) and then again in the theatre. I would really like it if all three shows were shown in that venue, it was great.

So, for those who haven't looked, the weapons that they got to use this time were two browning machine guns, and then rusty's team also made a pressure-powered speargun and a rocket bombardment for their vehicle.

Anyway, it was epic and I really recommend watching it if you haven't. And seriously, people put high-end weapons on vehicles and then do wacky things with them is near the core interests of a lot of my friends.

Yay for friends succeeding at their dreams!

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