Jun. 23rd, 2009

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The highlight of the parade for me was when the road was clearing at the end of the parade and the police were driving down the road slowly[1], when some drunkish woman walked onut on the street and flashed them.

The cop deadpanned "yeah, get on a bike" at her through the megaphone, and she just turned and walked away.

[1] for those who don't do parades locally -- the police drive down the road at the end of the it mark the transition between 'parade' and 'normal road operations. It's a safety measure as well as useful as a social demarcation between space functions.
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Lullaby Moon
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As prefigured in an earlier post, I went to see Lullaby Moon last night. It was a wonderful time, very silly with a lot of dancing. I went on the long clockwise procession around the site with the clock children and the horses, and as a result didn't end up running into anyone but [livejournal.com profile] madcap_allie whom I watched the show with.

I didn't realize this ahead of time, but a couple of the people involved in the show are people that I know from around Seattle. It made interacting with them in the leadup to the show funny because they kept slipping in and out of character. Time to take off our masks and put on our hats, or vice versa.

But anyway, quite a silly revel, really extraordinarily beautiful, and a great time. I highly recommend attending the last several of these, which are held on each new moon.

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